Friday, July 11, 2014

A Thank You to All of RCA’s Volunteers

by RCA Board Member Connie Hartke

An all-volunteer organization such as RCA faces the same challenge as volunteers everywhere. We take vacations, many have day jobs, some have young folks in their lives; some have eldercare responsibilities. Life events happen.  Phase II of the Reston Master Plan comments are due. Life in Reston is not quiet.

So when someone else does a part of our job for us, we really appreciate it!

In this week’s Reston Connection, John Lovaas, wrote about the “Changing of the Guard at Reston Citizens Association.” He writes an outstanding farewell to our outgoing Board Members while also giving a synopsis of the 46-year history of RCA. Be sure to take a moment to read page 5 of the paper version or the online version here.

Lovaas gives a very clear explanation of the difference between Reston Association (RA) and RCA – a topic we’ve been planning to turn into a 411 series document. Thanks to John, we now have the outline for it! 

Our three new board members bring a range of abilities that should serve us well moving into Reston’s next 50 years. 

Dennis Hays will bring some diplomacy that should be useful as we navigate growth with our local government, Fairfax County.  He is a former ambassador to Suriname and past president of the Reston Runners (with 800+ members). He also serves on the boards of Community Living Alternatives and the Friends of Reston Regional Library.

Robin Hogan has been my right arm at Rescue Reston for the last two years.  Her experience will serve RCA well as we increase our activities and keep Restonians aware of who we are and how we can help represent your interests. She is VP of Communications for Rescue Reston.

Hank Schonzeit has always been an active volunteer in the Reston communities that he has lived in. He has followed the Reston Master Plan progress, and wrote an insightful article after one of the Task Force meetings last year.  As a retired healthcare system executive, supporting the health and well-being of the community he lives in is second nature.

We welcome your input and queries and hope to soon have an easy way for you to email your Board representative directly.  Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed each month on our projects. Be one of our volunteers and help preserve the Reston we love.

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