Land Use Committee: Chair Moira Callaghan

Understanding Fairfax County's Comprehensive Plan as it pertains to Reston is vital to being part of Reston's growth and embracing fast moving change. The underlying roles played by Reston Association, Reston Town Center Association and Deepwood HOA are all parts of the land use puzzle in Reston.

Transportation Committee: Chair Hank Schonzeit

Transportation improvements have not kept up with the pace of new developments in Reston, but looking in the rearview mirror is not the way forward. This committee keeps up with the Reston Transportation Funding Plan and other multimodal transportation issues.

Education Committee: Chair Annmarie Swope 

RCA’s Education Committee is dedicated to working at the local and County levels to help ensure Reston receives the programming, budget and operational support to sustain highly quality education within its school community. While much of this focus is on the largest education provider in the region, the Fairfax County Public Schools, the committee is also constantly exploring innovative ways to deliver education opportunities and benefits to the diverse Reston community.

Current members of the RCA Board sit on the Education Committee of the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations, are members of local PTA chapters, and have been appointed to the Fairfax County Budget Task Force. Together they are identifying new revenue streams while also exploring cost cutting options to help meet the projected budget shortfall for the 2017-2018 school year while not sacrificing the quality of education within Reston.

Reston 411 Information Series: Chair Connie Hartke

Key facts and figures to help Restonians make educated and informed decisions regarding County or local topics and issues that affect Reston’s quality of life or challenge its founding principles.

Outreach Committee:

The Outreach Committee is an internal RCA committee dedicated to developing a communications strategy for RCA and recruiting volunteers.

Citizen of the Year Committee

Every year, RCA honors a community volunteer who has worked to improve the quality of life in Reston and benefit people in need of help. Past winners of the award include Embry Rucker, Janet Howell, Dave Edwards, Cate Fulkerson and Rescue Reston. The award is presented in a ceremony at Reston Community Center in February, March or April each year.

Election Committee: Committee Email 

In May of each year, RCA announces a call for candidates for any board seats that are expiring. The elections take place in June.

Reston Accessibility Committee -

RCA’s Reston Accessibility Committee (RAC) is a working group partnering throughout the greater Reston community to improve access for persons with mobility impairments.