Monday, December 3, 2018

RCA Board of Directors Meeting - Agenda

December 4, 2018
7:30 - 8:45 pm                                                     
National Realty/Hartke Building
11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA

                   TOPIC                                                         PRESENTER

1.            ADOPT AGENDA                                                      Board

2.           APPROVE PREVIOUS MINUTES                              Board

3.           APPROVE TREASURERS REPORT                          Hays

4.           PRC POPULATION CAP                                           Hays

5.           USGS                                                                        Hartke

6.           FEDERATION of CITIZEN ASSOCIATIONS              Hanley                                               

7.           HIDDEN CREEK                                                       Hartke
8.           2019 ELECTIONS                                                    Johnson

9.           WEBSITE  UPDATE                                                  Inanli  

10.         OTHER BUSINESS                                                  Board

11.         ADJOURN 

Friday, November 30, 2018

CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins re: PRC density increase

Coalition for a Planned Reston
A voluntary group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association,
Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20

November 29, 2018

Dear Supervisor Hudgins:

The Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) is deeply concerned and dismayed by the announcement that you have requested County staff to move forward with the proposed PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment. For the reasons explained below, we strongly urge you to withdraw your request immediately and to complete the community dialogue to which you committed.

This past summer your staff, County officials and representatives from the Reston Association (RA) and CPR met in four working groups to examine significant issues arising from the Revised Reston Master Plan, which according to County officials, triggered the proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment. In the course of those meetings, County officials and the community representatives agreed that additional data was needed in a number of key areas before further face-to-face discussions should be held and conclusions could be reached. There was universal agreement, well documented in the videos of the small group meetings and follow-up communications by CPR and RA, that each side would research and produce the requested information before any further action to move forward with the Zoning Ordinance Amendment. The RA/CPR team quickly provided all that was requested of them. Sadly, the County side has not.

Please refer to the list of twenty-three (23) specific areas where we have been waiting for responses from County officials (attached). We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our County employees and understand how heavy workloads and competing responsibilities can sometimes delay progress in specific areas. However, this cannot justify failing to conduct the needed research and consultations to which you and the County have committed. In light of this, it is premature and inappropriate to move forward as you have requested.

Over the past three months we have repeatedly stated our readiness to meet in the working groups again when the County has completed its work. We continue to stand ready to do that. If there is a need or desire to move forward quickly on the part of the County, perhaps developing the required information can be given a higher priority by County officials.

Madame Supervisor, the issues before us are too important to be pushed forward without completing the community engagement that is the hallmark of the Reston community. Your constituents urge you, in the spirit of transparent and responsive government, to withdraw your request until the collaborative review has been completed.

Coalition for a Planned Reston

Specific Areas Awaiting Responses from Fairfax County Officials

The follow are specific areas for which CPR is waiting for the County to provide information or analysis. This listing does not include a number of more general discussion points, which are important in their own right, but not listed here.

1. Provide status of County plans to finally build an indoor athletic center in Reston (Hunter Mill is the only district without one. Other districts have had athletic centers for decades.
2. Provide status on exactly where the additional outdoor athletic fields required in the Master Plan will be located.
3. Remove from planning documentation and maps the unauthorized and unneeded "Road from Nowhere" that would mar and deface Reston's open space.
4. Share information on the safety, cost, and benefit of "turfing" and lighting fields. In an interim response on this topic the County speaks of "upgrading Reston Association properties" to partially meet the County's requirements. However, no proposal to or discussion with RA has taken place.
5. Provide information on the status of the "Commission to Assess Reston's Athletic Fields." We are unaware of the existence of any such commission.
6. Provide an update on the County's plans for Reston Town Center North, including the required 10 acres of open space.
7. Schedule the County's own proposal to bring "all parties" together to work on land management issues.
8. Clarify specifically which areas of “One Reston” (i.e., including PRC, TSAs and Town Center) are considered "urban" for planning purposes, as the designation impacts the level of services provided.
9. Explain the frequent exemptions given to developers when their proposals are not in conformance with the Master Plan. This includes numerous cases where the County's own Planning and Zoning staff have found proposals to be deficient.
10. Schedule the agreed upon meeting between County staff and the community to determine the geographic and demographic inputs to be used to determine the population of One Reston for the purpose of re-establishing a population limit for Reston as a whole.
11. Explain the dichotomy between the County's density proposals in the Village Centers and the Master Plan's call for any new development to be at an appropriate scale for the neighborhood under consideration.
12. Provide a statement on the County's plans to conform to Virginia law and review the Reston Master Plan Phase I in early 2019 and Phase II in 2020.
13. Address the need for follow on discussions concerning storm water management, police and fire coverage and related social services topics.
14. Submit written confirmation of the Population-based Countywide Service Level Standard for golf: with a projected Reston population of over 115,200, Reston requires two 18-hole golf courses. (Please see page 22, 2017 Edition of the Policy Plan - Parks and Recreation.)
15. Provide a status update on changes to the proffer formula for private development and suggestions on how RA, CPR and the broader community can support County efforts.
16. Provide data on the expected number of additional students entering the school system using current methodology. Provide data on past reliability of this methodology.
17. Report on student utilization of the Connector Bus since the adoption of student passes.
18. Resolve discrepancies between language regarding school capacity provided in the Comprehensive Plan and actual County practice.
19. Develop a comprehensive Transportation Implementation and Monitoring Plan - to include all projects identified in the Reston Network Analysis (RNA) with their estimated prioritization, timeline, projected costs and funding sources.
20. Provide a chart and map of planned intersection improvements.
21. Provide a model of projected traffic impact of any increased density in the “One Reston” region on the non-TSA areas of Reston (like the PRC).
22. Institute the universal adoption of data that includes residents of Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU) and Work Force Housing (WFH) in all computations of population and density.
23. Provide periodic updates and information on the provision of needed infrastructure along with development as is done in Tysons.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

County Board Approves Lake Anne Fellowship House Redevelopment

RCA followed this project closely.  In 2014 we wrote:

RCA feels it is urgent that the greater Reston community understands the implications of development on one of our Reston Comprehensive Plan ten Planning Principles which is “housing provided for all ages and incomes.”  Our community support is needed to ensure that land owners and potential developers respect and honor our Plan.

Who Lives at Lake Anne Fellowship House (LAFH): Folks 62 or older on limited fixed incomes and those of any age with a qualifying disability and income.

10/18/2018 RestonNow article published by Fatimah Waseem
The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has approved the redevelopment of Lake Anne Fellowship House, a 240-unit project that offers affordable housing for seniors.
County officials and the development team called the approval, granted on Tuesday (Oct. 16), a win for seniors seeking affordable housing in Reston. For years, community partners and Fellowship Square Foundation, the nonprofit organization that owns and maintains the current buildings, have contemplated ways to replace the aging buildings with a new facility.
All affordable units, currently distributed between two aging buildings built in the 1970s, will be replaced with a new 240-unit building along North Shore Drive near the intersection with Village Road. The eight-story apartment building is 200,000 square feet and includes a garage. The plan also adds 36 market-rate townhouses to the west side of the property that will help finance the construction of senior housing.
Lake Anne’s current tenants will stay in their apartment during the two-year construction of the new building. After residents move, the old buildings will be torn down and converted into townhouses.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Draft RCA Board of Directors Meeting - Agenda

September 24, 2018
7:30 - 8:45 pm                                                     
National Realty/Hartke Building
11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA

ITEM                                                   TOPIC                                          PRESENTER

1.                                  ADOPT AGENDA                                                 Board

2.                                  APPROVE PREVIOUS MINUTES                       Board

3.                                  APPROVE TREASURERS REPORT                   Leighton

4.                                   ELECTION OF OFFICERS                                  Board

5.                                   RESCUE RESTON/HIDDEN CREEK       Hartke/Mulston
6.                                   LIBRARY BOND                                                Endsley

7.                                   LANE STRIPING                                               Hays  
8.                                    2019 ELECTIONS                                               Board

9.                                OPEDS and OTHER                                     Hays

10.                              OTHER BUSINESS                                     Board

11.                               ADJOURN 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Parks, Recreation, Open Space, & Athletic Facilities Meeting of July 18

Video of Meeting
Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dear Supervisor Hudgins:

         Thank you again for working with the CPR/RA coalition to help develop a better public understanding of the issues involved in the proposed Reston PRC amendments.  We appreciate your dedication and hard work on behalf of Reston and your making available to us the County officials most responsible for working on these issues.  We also wish to thank Goldie Harrison of your staff for her tireless efforts to pull everyone together at the same time and place!

        On July 18th, the Parks, Recreation, Open Space, & Athletic Facilities group met.  We began the meeting by looking for high-level areas where we had common ground and common goals, conforming to the Reston Master Plan.  This proved very successful and we had unanimous agreement that:

Parks, open space, athletic facilities are essential to the health, wealth and well-being of a community.  Open space has direct physical and mental health benefits, is environmentally key to having a safe and productive landscape and brings direct and indirect economic rewards;    

A fundamental characteristic of Reston has been a commitment to preserve natural areas and integrate open space throughout the community;  

Development will be phased with infrastructure;

High quality open space will be required; and

Public participation in planning and zoning will continue to be the community's foundation.  

We then set a framework for all subsequent discussion.  That is, all projects and proposals would be measured against four standards:

WHAT:  What project has been identified - athletic field, pocket park, open space, etc., including dimensions of each;

WHERE: Where exactly in Reston will the project be located.

HOW:  How will the project be funded; and 

WHEN: When will the project be open to the public.   

It was noted that if all four of these questions could be answered in specific, concrete terms, then we have an actual project.  If three questions are answered, then we have a proposal.  If only two or fewer questions are answered, then any proposal is still in the "wishful thinking" stage.   

County representatives then gave an overview of their plans and proposals.  We should note we are aware of the bureaucratic, financial, legal, and other hurdles that must be overcome to bring in a new project and we are cognizant of the often frustrating amount of time involved in shepherding a successful project to its conclusion.  We appreciate the hard work, dedication and good intentions of our County officials. 

The participants then discussed specific issues.  

First was an update on how the Park Authority plans to meet the Comprehensive Plan's call for at least twelve additional full sized playing fields in Reston, at least three of which are to be in Reston's TSA zone.  The County officials stated they expected to meet this goal by upgrading existing fields with artificial turf and lights to extend playable hours and to acquire additional land as part of the proffers developers will give.  CPR/RA reps expressed some skepticism as to whether this all would actually meet the Plan's intent, especially as it is not possible, according to the County, to exactly identify where new individual parcels of land will be at this time.  The CPR/RA reps requested the County provide as much information as possible in the form of What/Where/How/When and the County agreed to do this.  The math involved in computing the additional value of turfed fields raised questions and the County also agreed to provide information on this.  A CPR/RA rep and later a questioner from the audience noted the Reston Association's Environmental Advisory Committee is not in favor of crumb rubber synthetic turfed fields due to health concerns and another filler would be needed if this activity goes forward.  RA seeks to be a leader in the County in implementing safer non-grass fields.  The County said funds had already been approved to commission an engineering analysis of the Baron Cameron Park playing fields.    

With respect to obtaining additional land from developers, the community reps expressed strong support for the County taking a very firm line to obtain required land in Reston's TSA (at least 3 full fields) and in Reston's PRC (at least an additional 9 full fields or equivalent) in their negotiations with developers  The County representatives expressed appreciation for this support.

The next issue concerned Reston's missing indoor recreation facility.  All parties agreed that Hunter Mill is the only district in the County that doesn't have such a facility.  The County reps noted they had recently finished a study on athletic facility usage County-wide and needed to assess the impact of a new facility against other facilities, such as the Reston Community Center.  This line of thought was unconvincing to the community, as the new facility has been long promised and is much needed.   Again, the community reps requested a What/Where/How/When analysis of steps toward building the facility.  

One of - perhaps the - defining features of Reston is the connectivity of our pathways, particularly the non at-grade road crossings that allow pedestrians and bicyclists to travel from one end of Reston to the other in a safe, efficient manner.  The CPR/RA reps asked why major new developments along major roads weren't required to put in non at-grade crossings.  The development at Wiehle, for example, should have safe crossings of Wiehle and Sunset Hills built in.  Such crossings would also help alleviate traffic backups as the lengthy "walk" signals would be unneeded.  The County first made the case that separating pedestrians and cars was a bad thing, as pedestrians tended to slow traffic down.   This argument was rejected out of hand, with the observation that Reston has had two pedestrian fatalities in as many weeks along exactly these roads.  Next the County stated that ADA (American Disabilities Act) considerations made tunnels and overpasses unworkable.  This too was refuted, with an observation that other communities, such as Miami Beach, have inexpensive, all weather lifts for just the purpose of facilitating full usage of safe crossings.   Although no consensus was reached, the County asked the community to identify specific crossings that might have the right topographical conditions to support not at grade crossings.  

Conversation then turned to the "Road From Nowhere" - the infamous middle of the night, unannounced addition of a road that impinges on the Hidden Creek Golf Course, the W&OD trail, or most likely both.  The community strongly urged the County to remove this road from all maps and consideration as there was no justification for it and the community was never advised of its inclusion in the fine print of a map.  The County rep stated this was a "conceptual road" that only might come into play if the expected redevelopment of Isaac Newton Square required it.   It was also possible the developer would have other options or might scale back development.  As for removing it, this would require an amendment to the Comp Plan.  Community reps again stressed the road could not be built without destroying needed recreational space and the County has never been able - or willing - to explain who put it there, for what reason and why the community wasn't informed of its presence.   The community reps encouraged the County to remove it as it is unjustified and will be a continuing irritant until it's gone.  

This discussion led to the issue of the golf course.  The Community expressed its great thanks and appreciation for the strong position Supervisor Hudgins and the County took to help preserve Reston's National Golf Course.  The CPR/RA rep noted the Comp Plan identifies two open spaces specifically identified as golf courses and asked if the community can count on the County to provide the same level of support in defending both full (18 hole) golf courses as we have seen in defending the first one.  The County rep stated it is very clear in the Comp Plan that there are two golf courses in Reston.   This affirmation was very well received by all parties.  

In the course of the discussions, the County reps explained some of the bureaucratic challenges they face and the often lengthy time needed to ensure all proper authorizations and approvals are obtained for a given project.  They also explained there is a difference between commitments and actual physical possession of a resource or funds.  For example, the County reps speak of $10 million dollars in proffer money to obtain and support recreational facilities.  However, there actually is no "money in the bank" at the moment, as these commitments are only exercised when a project reaches a certain level of completion. 

The CPR/RA reps expressed some frustration with the vagueness of the answers given by the County.  Although the complexity of the development process is understood and appreciated, Reston has been around for a long time and some examples of recent successful projects should be possible to cite.      

In conclusion, the CPR/RA reps again thanked the County representatives for their candor and willingness to help educate the public.  This meeting was informative and productive.  Moving forward, the County agreed to provide:

--  Information on the proposed turfing and lighting of existing playing fields in Reston, including how to mitigate safety concerns that have led Montgomery County to restrict new turfing, factors that led to a belief that significant increased playing time will result from these additions and a breakdown on the cost of upgrades and what designated funding source has been identified for each field;  
--  Information on the status of current development projects as they pertain to the delivery of open space, parks, "urban parks", athletic facilities, pocket parks, etc. to the community.  This information should come in the What/Where/How/When format.  As part of this, please provide a map showing all current, proposed and aspirational open space, parks, urban parks, pocket parks, etc. including park dimensions, amenities, on site parking, etc.;   
-- Information on the status of the Hunter Mill indoor athletic facility, including proposed location, amenities, funding source, dedicated parking, etc.;
-- Information on the status of the commission's work assessing Reston's playing fields;
-- An explanation of the origin of the Road from Nowhere and why it keeps coming up in County documents such as the "Reston Traffic Analysis: Final Report" of March 28th, 2018.  Provide procedures to have road removed from all maps and any future consideration; and
-- Information on how the development of Reston Town Center North will address open space and additional parkland.  .        

Earlier, in a letter from the Planning Director, the County proposed having a joint meeting of representatives from FCPA, FCPS, the Northern Virginia Park Authority, the Reston Association and any other entity with an interest in or control over land that could become additional park or open space.  We believe this would be most helpful. 

The community representatives agreed to provide:

--  A template to list all the required information about park and open space, etc associated with upcoming development;
-- A list of possible locations for pedestrian tunnels and overpasses associated with new construction;
-- Public support for County efforts to obtain needed land in Reston from developers; and
-- An open mind and appreciation for the difficulties County officials have in addressing all these issues.   

The group will reconvene when both sides have had a chance to assess the additional information obtained from the other. 

Sincerely, Dennis

Dennis K. Hays
CPR Discussion Leader  

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment Work Sessions

Fairfax County, Reston Association, and the Coalition for a Planned Reston* are holding public work sessions - all at 6 p.m.

At 12005 Sunrise Valley Drive (the building next to RA HQ):
  • July 17: Transportation
  • July 18: Parks and Recreation

At 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive:
  • July 24: Schools/Infrastructure, Fire and Rescue
  • July 30: Planning & Village Centers

Click here to view Reston Association’s YouTube announcement.

*The Coalition includes RCA, Reclaim Reston and Reston 20/20. The Coalition advocates for fair and effective Fairfax County land use policies to help keep Reston a planned community.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Draft Agenda - RCA Board of Directors Meeting - June 4, 2018

Note - RCA Board usually meets the 4th Monday of each month, May meeting delayed to June 4 due to Memorial Day holiday.

Monday, June 4, 2018
7:30 - 9:00 pm
National Realty/Hartke Building
11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA

ITEM                             TOPIC                                                     PRESENTER

1.                     ADOPT AGENDA                                             Board

2.                     APPROVE APRIL MINUTES                            Board

3.                     APPROVE TREASURERS REPORT                Leighton

4.                     CPR/RA SMALL GROUP MEETINGS             Hays

5.                     RESCUE RESTON/HIDDEN CREEK        Hartke/Mulston        
6.                     WEBSITE                                                         Inanli

7.                     RTCN                                                               Hays  

8.                     LIBRARY ISSUES                                            Hays

9.                     MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES                                Board

10.                  EMERGING ISSUES                                         Hays    
11.                  ELECTION ISSUES                                           Board

12.                  OTHER BUSINESS                                           Board

11.                  ADJOURN