Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reston Master Plan Special Study Phase II

Last Friday was the deadline to submit comments for Phase II of the Reston Master Plan Special Study. Terry Maynard summed up the thoughts we hear most often in his cover letter to the County:

“A theme that runs throughout these coordinated comments is that Restonians generally like suburban Reston the way that it is and believe few changes should be made.”  He continues: “We offer some flexibility in the village center mixed-use areas.  We also lay out some general requirements for any future redevelopment.  All of our ideas are driven by the Reston Vision and Planning Principles approved by the Reston Task Force and incorporated in the Comprehensive Plan.”

Read the ideas about planning needs for Phase 2 of the Reston Master Planning effort from RCA’s independent committee, Reston 2020.

Rescue Reston submitted comments also. Reston National Golf Course is not the focus of the Phase II study, but it is a good opportunity to publicly thank our County Supervisors for their support to date. It also allows us to remind developers how positive it is to have this tax-free amenity so close to Reston residents and office workers.

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