Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RCA Statement to the Board of Zoning Appeals

RE: Application #A 2012-HM-020

Connie Hartke
Board Member, Reston Citizens Association (

·      Member, Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations.
·      Began 48 years ago when Gulf Land, as the developer of Reston, was in charge.
·      Reston Planning & Zoning evolved from an RCA committee. RCA’s position is that the use of RNGC land is as a golf course.

In February 2014 the BoS adopted phase I of the Reston Master Plan which calls for reliance on greater Reston’s existing public and private park and recreational facilities in order to meet Service Level Standards for Urban Parks as defined in Appendix 3 of the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.
These Park and Recreation Service Level Standards are based on both population and employees.[1]
This County Service Level Standard calls for 1 hole of golf for every 3,200 persons. [2] With the planned population growth of both residents and employees in Reston, we currently have the required 36 holes, with it being so important that 18 of them are a public course – Reston National.
It is clear that our County Supervisors are counting on Reston’s Golf Courses to provide active recreation for the incoming residents and employees of the Reston Transit Station Areas, as well as the region.
Until this appeal was filed, no one ever considered Reston National Golf Course to be anything other than a golf course.  Our Board of Supervisors was and is relying on Reston’s privately owned recreation areas to contribute to the planned growth of this community.

[1] Pages 68-69,

[2] page 22, FAIRFAX COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN, 2013 Edition, Parks and Recreation – Appendix 3

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