Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Minutes From March RCA Board Meeting

RCA Board of Directors Meeting
March 24, 2014
National Realty Building

Those attending included:  Colin Mills, John Hanley, Gary Walker, Tammi Petrine, Sridhar Ganesan, Dick Rogers, Connie Hartke, Joe Leighton, George Kain, Terry Maynard, Annmarie Swope, Nick Georgas, and Yavuz Inanli. 

1.  Agenda.  The draft agenda was adopted in a unanimous vote.

2.  February 2014 RCA Meeting Minutes.  The minutes of the February meeting were approved unanimously. 

3.  Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.  Treasurer Joe Leighton distributed IRS letter with RCA’s EID number.

4.  2020 Baron Cameron/ Rec Center Forum.  Terry Maynard gave an update on the upcoming April 7 ResTown Hall Meeting.  The goal is to generate and submit a community response to the Draft Baron Cameron Park Master Plan.

5. Fairfax County Budget – RCA Position?  John Hanley will attend the 3/28 FCFA meeting and vote our 3 votes.  RCA has no formal position other than on the Library.  Annmarie Swope will focus on education and plans to meet with Dr. Garza.

6. Bylaw Revisions: Board Terms & Presidential Selection.  Sridhar Ganesan led the discussions.

RCA President Selection:
Historically this had been an annual public vote.  Joe Leighton moved and Tammi Petrine seconded that RCA change election of President to internal vote by RCA board members at the first board meeting following annual elections.  Terry Maynard suggested amending it to say that anyone running must have served on the RCA Board for one election year anytime prior.  Colin Mills clarified the motion to include the transfer of the board seat now occupied by the sitting president to an ‘at-large seat’ in the next election to capture the correct number of board seats in the 2014 election as RCA reconfigures to adopt an ‘in-house’ election of all officers.  By-law language will be worked out by Sridhar by next meeting. 11 voted yes and there were 2 abstentions (Rogers and Inanli).

RCA Board Term:
Joe Leighton moved and Tammi Petrine seconded to restructure director terms from 2 years to 3 years:  The main purpose is to establish consistency and stability as 1/3 of the Board to be elected each year.  By a vote of 11 voting yes and 2 abstentions (Rogers and Mills), the revision was accepted in principle with bylaw language to be formally accepted at a later date. 

7. RCA 411 Series.  Update by Annmarie Swope and Connie Hartke. Discussed name and formatting. Gary Walker to add 411 Series to website.  All to send ideas/feedback on the series to Annmarie & Connie.

8.  RCA Finances.   Sridhar Ganesan led discussion.  To get ready for 501(c)3 application we need to have a strategic planning meeting for all board members – ½ day morning meeting date tentatively set to 5/3 (later changed to 5/10).  Volunteers for 501(c)3 committee are Annmarie, Joe, Tammi, Yavuz.

9.  Election Committee Update.  Gary Walker said meeting of the committee set for the following evening, 3/25, with results to circulate by email.

10. Citizen of the Year Ceremony Recap.  Colin pointed us to his blog, which describes it well:

11.  Orienting New Board Members.  Tammi asked George Kaine to help plan.  Connie distributed an undated article from the Reston Town Crier entitled “What Do We Get from Fairfax County?” by Lee Libman (probably written in the 1970s).

12.  Residential Studios Update.  John Hanley is still following.

13.  Other Business.  Dick Rogers stated that he will resign at the end of his term.  He will remain on the 2020 committee and Transportation committee.  Regarding Terry mentioned that the 2020 site gets 4,000 views/month and 2020 Twitter has over 360 followers, over 3 dozen on Facebook.

14. Location and Time of Next Meeting.  7:30 pm April 28, location tbd (4/23 update – location National Realty Building) Joe moved to adjourn and Colin seconded.

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