Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Approved Minutes from February RCA Meeting

Minutes for
RCA Board of Directors Meeting
February 24, 2014

Those attending included:  Colin Mills, John Hanley, Gary Walker, Tammi Petrine, Sridhar Ganesan (who left mid-meeting for a business trip), Connie Hartke, Joe Leighton, George Kain, Terry Maynard, and newly selected members Annmarie Swope, Nick Georgas, and Yavuz Inanli.  Dick Rogers was absent on vacation.

1.  Agenda.  The draft agenda was adopted in a unanimous vote.

2.  January 2014 RCA Meeting Minutes.  The minutes of the January meeting were approved unanimously with one editorial change. 

3.  Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.  Treasurer Joe Leighton also noted the change of mailing address for RCA in his report.

4.  RCA Board Applicant Interviews.  Members of the RCA Board spent about a half-hour interviewing the several candidates for the three vacant at-large positions on the RCA Board of Directors.  All the applicants made a brief comment about their qualifications and objectives and were well prepared with solid answers to the questions the Board members asked.

5.  Board Discussion & Vote on Applicants (including Executive session).  The Board went into Executive Session to discuss the several applicants for the Board for about a half-hour in a thorough review of the candidates’ qualifications.  In a difficult decision, the Board selected the three new Board members.  Coming out of Executive Session, RCA President Colin Mills announced the selection of Nick Georgas, Yavuz Inanli, and Annmarie Swope as the selectees and commended all the applicants for their outstanding qualifications and presentations. 

6.  Master Plan Outcome and Next Steps.   Terry Maynard reported briefly that the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors approved the draft Reston Master Plan (Phase 1) with few changes, none benefitting the community.  He noted that this spring two things should happen:  (a) the appointment of an Implementation Committee for the approved Plan, and (b) the launching of the Phase 2 Master Plan effort.  He noted that it is unclear how either of these next steps will be organized or when they will be launched. 

7.  Soapstone Crossing Update.  John Hanley reported on the presentation given by the County on the selection of a “hybrid” route for the new Soapstone crossing linking Soapstone Drive with Sunset Hills north of the Dulles Corridor east of Plaza America.  He reported that the crossing was now projected to cost $92 million, excluding land acquisition costs, and the next few years would see engineering studies to follow up on the feasibility analysis.

8.  RCA Board Elections:  Bylaws Update, Committee Appointments.  With some discussion and amendments, the Board approved unanimously a draft update of the bylaws pertaining to the election process (basically moving forward the schedule by one month and making the Elections Committee the final reviewer in any disputes).  The Elections Committee will bring specific language forward for the March Board meeting for its approval.  The following were appointed to the Elections Committee:  Gary Walker (Chair), Joe Leighton, Tammi Petrine, Connie Hartke, and George Kain.  
The Board briefly discussed some more substantial changes in the elections bylaws (extending the President’s term to two years, electing the President by the Board vice the community, making other Board terms three years long vice two, etc.) and deferred the discussion until an ad hoc Board Terms Committee could evaluate and submit recommendations.  Sridhar Ganesan agreed to chair the committee before excusing himself from the meeting.  Members of the Board Terms Committee will be selected later. 

9.  Reston 2013 Citizen of the Year Ceremony.  President Colin Mills reminded everyone that Kathy Kaplan was our choice for COY and provided the details of the ceremony on March 10, 7:30PM, and RCC/Hunters Woods.  He also solicited volunteers to provide publicity and logistical support for the event. 

10.  RCC Recreation Center Update and Forum.   Terry Maynard and Tammi Petrine reported that the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) would be presenting its draft ten-year master plan for Baron Cameron Park at Buzz Aldrin ES on March 27th.  The plan includes an “option” to build an RCC recreation center there, a topic in which RCA and Reston 2020 have been deeply involved.  Maynard noted that Reston 2020 was thinking about having a community forum shortly after the FCPA presentation to collect, consolidate, and communicate community thinking about the plan, especially the option to include a recreation center. 

11.  Update on County Residential Studio Units (RSUs).  John Hanley reported on his research into the extremely complex issue the County is considering of approving a new dwelling unit classification, Residential Studio Units (RSUs).  These small efficiency units could be included in any new development under the draft ordinance, now under county-wide discussion, and would target those households with modest income.  The RSU effort has been under county discussion for several years, is extremely complicated, and is not likely to result in a new ordinance soon, although we should continue to follow it closely.

12.  Replacement for Cameron Glen Nursing Home.  Noting that Cameron Glen was in the process of vacating its North Town Center location for Loudoun County, Tammi Petrine (who also participates in the “Reston for a Lifetime” initiative) commented that Reston will soon be without a nursing care center.  She brought the Board’s attention to a new approach to senior living represented by Greenhouse.  The concept provides senior housing that covers the full range of independent living, assisted living, and full nursing care services.   She will continue to follow planning for this possible development in Reston for the Board. 

13.  Other Business.  None.

14.  Next Meeting.  The next meeting will be at the NCGC Community Room at 7:30PM, March 24, 2014.  (NOTE:  In a subsequent decision, the Board decided to move its meeting to the National Realty conference room, 11890 Sunrise Valley Drive.)

15.  Adjournment.  In a unanimous vote, the Board agreed to adjourn until the next meeting.

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