Thursday, December 4, 2014

Leslie Mills Speaks to the Importance of Civic Volunteers

by Connie Hartke and Tammi Petrine

The RCA Board held an appreciation dessert and coffee for three board members who resigned earlier this year: Colin Mills, Terry Maynard and Dick Rogers. These members made very active contributions during their time on our Board of Directors, and continue to contribute volunteer time and research to the Reston Community.

Significant others were invited of course. No volunteer for an active community organization can be effective without the support of his or her family, and we knew there was one young person who also must be invited. Colin Mills’ 8th grade daughter Leslie made significant sacrifices during the eight years she shared her father with the Reston Citizens Association.

It was a fun evening of camaraderie and speeches. One speech stood out and we’d like to share these encouraging words with all civic volunteers in Reston:

“I just want everyone to know that they are planning my generation's future, and the going may get tough, but you have to keep going if you ever want to get anything done. Also remember that having your voices heard will always be important! You are all important, and teachers and students everyday. I really appreciate the hard work that you have put in to help my and Reston's future. Never stop trying because it takes hard work and dedication to make a bright future.” - Leslie Mills

Leslie’s Dad, Colin Mills, was recently appointed as Chair of Reston Association’s Community Engagement Advisory Committee. Terry Maynard and Dick Rogers continue as contributing members of the RCA Reston 2020 committee.

We look forward to hearing more from them, and from Leslie too!

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