Monday, June 24, 2019

RCA Board of Directors Meeting – Agenda

Monday, July 1, 2019
7:30 - 8:45 pm                                                     
National Realty/Hartke Building
11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 

ITEM                                     TOPIC                                              PRESENTER
1.                                  ADOPT AGENDA                                           Board
2.                                  APPROVE PREVIOUS MINUTES                  Board
3.                                  APPROVE TREASURERS REPORT                Leighton
4.                                  SUPERVISOR’S PRIMARY                             Hays
5.                                  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER                      Hartke
6.                                  RESTON NATIONAL GOLF                            Hartke/Mulston
7.                                  TREE CONSERVATION ORDINANCE            Mulston
8.                                  RESTON TOWN CENTER NORTH                 Hays
9.                                  MASTER PLAN REVIEW                                 Hays
10.                                OTHER BUSINESS                                           Board   

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations Annual Picnic - All are Welcome

Rescue Reston's founder John Pinkman will officially start his term as 1st Vice President of the Federation. The Federation has significant influence in both Fairfax County and Statewide issues. Let's have a great showing from Reston at this fun Annual Meeting/Picnic.

Fairfax Co. Federation of Citizens Associations Annual Picnic
When: June 20, 6:30 pm - dark
Where: Mason District Park, Shelter #1
6621 Columbia Pike, Annandale
Why: Reston's RCA is the largest member of the Federation
Theme: Hawaiian Luau - dress up your yellow t-shirt!
What to bring: a bit to share - see flyer
Plan your carpool now and RSVP

Monday, June 10, 2019

Op-ed: Wheelock’s Grand Scheme for a Grand Park Doesn’t Sell

posted on  June 10, 2019 at 2:30 pm

What doesn’t Wheelock understand about the Reston community’s response to their plans to develop Hidden Creek Country Club?
The focus groups that were held last year should have sent a clear message that the majority of the participants want the open space golf course at Hidden Creek to remain as such. One focus group participant said, “You [Wheelock and Swaback] don’t get it. We already have our park and we don’t pay a cent for it.”
The members of Hidden Creek — many of whom are long-term residents of Reston, have chosen to raise their families here, paid their taxes to Fairfax County including the added Small Tax District #5 assessments for the pleasure of living here, joined Hidden Creek for its amenities including swimming, tennis and golf, a sport that you can play well into your retirement years. In fact, there are numerous senior members (70+ years of age) at the Club which also serves as the home course for McLean High School’s golf team.
I was shocked recently when I received photos of a display that Wheelock Communities has set-up in a member event room just off the Tavern Bar and Grill. Every inch of wall space is covered with posters, presentations, and pictures of the plunder of Wheelock’s vision to turn 164-acres of open space that Gulf Reston originally dedicated to the people of Reston.
Here are just a few of the details of Wheelock’s proposal for HCCC’s development:
  • 100+ acres and 8-10 tennis courts would be dedicated to Fairfax County Park Authority. That’s right! The open space that the Reston community pays NOTHING to maintain, would go the FCPA which our tax dollars fund. IOW, Restonians would now be tasked to pay so that Wheelock can make a profit by further densifying Reston despite that fact that the Reston Master Plan has always said both Reston golf courses shall remain open space!
  • Reston was originally planned with two permanent 18-hole golf courses to offset significant overall community density elsewhere. Now Wheelock wants to reduce the cumulative open space requirements by developing choice portions of the course. 650 homes would be placed on the open space that Robert Simon envisioned. Vehicular traffic on a proposed new road system would significantly add to the congestion we’re already experiencing. Our already overcrowded schools would be further stressed.
  • Fairfax County is planning to build a new 4-acre storm water management pond on the southern portion of HCCC to fix past development mistakes which result in flooding north of the Dulles Toll Road. Pursuant to this plan and Wheelock’s inability to develop land in this area due to it being a pipeline and floodplain, plans are to convert a huge part of the present course to other recreational amenities managed by the FCPA. The issue is if this is allowed, we taxpayers will pay in perpetuity for what now is ecologically precious open space.
  • Wheelock is promoting a false narrative that when golf course use is eliminated, draining water from Lake Anne will cease. Claims that Hidden Creek takes 150,000 gallons of water per day from Lake Anne are erroneous. At first glance, this sounds like a lot of water but let’s look at the FACTS:
    • The lake covers 27.7653 surface acres with an average depth of 13 feet. This means that the volume of the lake is 117,615,560 gallons.
    • Hidden Creek monitors the pond near Temporary Road and North Shore Drive regularly. Only when needed does Hidden Creek draw water from Lake Anne.
    • At maximum capacity, Hidden Creek’s pump can only pump 179 gpm. They rarely use it at that rate, but if they did, it would take 2.5 days to draw down the lake 1-inch.

It’s clear that Wheelock is betting their $14 million investment could net a return of $250 million; their investors are relying on their success. It’s up to us to show them why Reston was a poor choice for their exploitations. Vote for candidates who clearly state their intent to protect Reston’s golf courses. Save our community!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

RCA Board of Directors Meeting - Agenda

May 28, 2019
7:30 - 8:45 pm                                                     
National Realty/Hartke Building
11890 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 

    ITEM                           TOPIC                                                PRESENTER

      1.              ADOPT AGENDA                                                  Board

       2.             APPROVE PREVIOUS MINUTES                         Board

       3.             APPROVE TREASURERS REPORT                    Leighton

       4.             CANDIDATES' FORUM REVIEW                          Johnson

       5.             NOMINATING COMMITTEE                                  Endsley
       6.             RESTON NATIONAL GOLF                           Hartke/Mulston

       7.             TOWN CENTER NORTH                                       Hays

       8.             LIAISON POSITIONS                                             Hays

       9.             MASTER PLAN REVIEW                                        Hays

      10.            OTHER BUSINESS                                                 Board

      11.            ADJOURN 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Reston Citizens Association hosts meeting with We Are Golf Executive Director Steve Mona ahead of National Golf Day

Reston Citizens Association hosts meeting with We Are Golf Executive Director Steve Mona ahead of National Golf Day
May 7, 2019 – Representatives from WE ARE GOLF, a coalition of golf’s leading organizations, converged in Washington, DC last week to celebrate National Golf Day and the many benefits that golf contributes to communities and individuals. Prior to the National Golf Day celebration, Executive Director Steve Mona met with representatives from Reston Citizens Association, Rescue Reston and Reston Association to discuss the vibrance of golf in Reston’s community and the unprecedented attacks by developers that our two golf courses are facing.
Connie Hartke, President of Rescue Reston provided an overview of Rescue Reston’s success to date in fending off attempts to develop Reston National (the south course), citing community efforts that extend beyond Reston for this very popular public course. Rescue Reston’s co-founder John Pinkman described the early days of mobilizing this grassroots campaign. Ms. Hartke shared recent collaboration with Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club in Pinellas County, Florida. That community is fighting a battle with the same developer who wants to put housing on Hidden Creek (Reston’s north course.)  
(L-R: John Pinkman, Connie Hartke, Robin Hogan, Steve Mona,
Dennis Hays, Lynne Mulston, Julie Bitzer.)
Steve Mona shared ideas for growing the game in the Reston community and offered to share important research that busts the myth that golf is a dying sport. “The golf industry impacts 2 million jobs in the U.S. and total wage income of $55.6 billion, and is larger than the performing arts and spectator sports industries. Golf facilities provide a vital community service in offering a place to recreate and socialize, serving as a hub of community social interaction.  A golf course is a healthy natural environment. Nearly 15,000 U.S. golf facilities provide communities with 2 million acres of green space.”
Lynne Mulston, Chair of Rescue Reston’s North Course Committee, shared the rich history of golf in Reston and the importance that both golf courses play in supporting local high school golf teams from South Lakes and McLean High Schools. Ms. Mulston previously served as Coach of the South Lakes Girls’ Golf Team. This August 12, Hidden Creek will host the Annual George Pavlis Memorial Golf tournament for 18-20 High School golf teams competing from Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties.
About National Golf Day
Coordinated by a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners under the banner of WE ARE GOLF, National Golf Day brings together more than 275 industry leaders from across the U.S. to support the game’s $84.1 billion economy, nearly $4 billion annual charitable impact, close to 15,000 diverse businesses and two million jobs impacted.
About Reston Citizens Association
Reston Citizens Association (RCA) is the only community-wide, non-partisan, and action-oriented organization in which everyone who lives, works and plays in Reston has a voice. RCA's mission is to promote Reston’s vision and planning principles and to sustain and enhance our quality of life now and in the future, by serving as a non-partisan, action-oriented organization for all Restonians.  RCA serves as the umbrella organization for Rescue Reston (focused on preserving Reston’s two golf course open spaces) and the Reston Accessibility Committee (partnering with businesses to improve access for persons with mobility impairments).

Media Inquiries: Lynne Mulston, Vice President, Reston Citizens Association (703) 662-1687