Monday, May 5, 2014

RCA Board Changes Elections Process and Governance Structure

Reston, VA, May 5, 2014 - The Reston Citizens Association (RCA) announced changes to its election process and governance structure that will bring it more in line with other Reston-based organizations and position RCA for continuing its active role in Reston. 
Starting in 2014, the President of RCA will be elected by its Board of Directors instead of being elected directly by Reston citizens during RCA’s annual elections held in June of every year.  At its first meeting after every annual election, the RCA will now elect the President, who must be a Director who has served on the Board for at least a year. As in the past, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will also be elected at this meeting.
While the President will continue to serve a one-year term at the pleasure of a new Board, RCA has changed the terms served by its elected directors from the current two-years to three-year terms. 
RCA President Colin Mills said, “The Board has been evaluating changes to its electoral process to best enable RCA’s mission of supporting and recommending smart growth solutions for Reston.  After many months of consideration, the Board amended its bylaws to reflect these changes as of the 2014 elections.” 
Sridhar Ganesan, who currently serves on the RCA Board from the North Point District of Reston and led the amendments to the RCA bylaws said, “The planning and implementation of various important developments in Reston such as the Silver Line Metro Rail, Baron Cameron Park Master Plan Revision, and various phases of Reston Master Plan redevelopment span multiple years. These changes to the terms served by the board and the election of the RCA President bring more continuity, consistency and stability to the Board and its committees so RCA will be better able to research, analyze and inform the public and advocate for the community.”
The RCA Board will continue to have 13 seats representing four Districts and At-Large positions as before, but those seats have been divided into three groups that will each come up for reelection as a class. 

A call for candidates was announced by RCA, and more information about the election can be found on RCA’s website. 

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