Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RCA Resolution On Residential Studio Units

Whereas, Fairfax County is currently considering an amendment to its Zoning Ordinance to allow for the construction of Residential Studio units, and,

Whereas, the Fairfax County Federations of Citizens Associations passed a resolution on September 19, 2013 expressing its reservations about the proposed ordinance change, and,

Whereas, the development accompanying the Silver Line makes it likely that Residential Studio units would be built in Reston if permitted, and,

Whereas, the Reston Citizens Association has repeatedly called for the protection of Reston’s existing residential neighborhoods,


The Reston Citizens Association endorses the aforementioned resolution passed by the Federation in September 2013, and conditions its support for the proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment on the conditions set forth in the aforementioned resolution.

Approved by the RCA Board of Directors by a unanimous vote of those present at its October 28, 2013, regular board meeting.

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