Monday, September 30, 2013

RCA Resolution on VDOT Sunset Hills Park & Ride Lot

Whereas, parking at the Wiehle Metro Station is essential, particularly during the 5 year period when Reston will be the end of the Silver Line.

Whereas, during this period commuters from Western Fairfax and Loudoun will be competing with Reston residents for parking.

Whereas, parking at the county garage will cost $4.75 per day, raising the cost of commuting significantly for Reston residents.

Whereas, the County and COMSTOCK want VDOT to close the free lot containing 330 parking spaces at Sunset Hills and Wiehle.

Whereas, crossing of Sunset Hills can be done safely at the two signal controlled intersections between the lot and the Station.  Both these intersections have pedestrian controlled signalized crosswalks.


The Reston Citizens Association--
  • Strongly opposes the proposal to close the VDOT lot while Wiehle Station is the end of the Silver Line.
  • Endorses the conversion of the lot should into a park when the Silver Line reaches Dulles and Loudoun and when more extensive re-development takes place in the Station area.

The RCA Board endorsed this resolution unanimously at its Board meeting on September 23, 2013.

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